Business class is Bliss!

Business class is Bliss!

Jul 4, 2023

Traveling with SKY express gets even more exciting.

SKY express redefines Business Class and presents BLISS for the first time, offering passengers a series of different choices in every part of their travel, for an experience even more unique. SKY express’ business class is different, is Bliss.

Bliss offers passengers priority in every stage of the travel, free entrance in the VIP Lounges, more checked-in luggage, and kilos, fine dining choices from a premium menu with tastes that raise emotions and entertainment during the flight, combining sustainability, leisure, and any desired sophisticated experience.

Traveling with SKY express gets even more exciting for the traveler who has a tailored traveling experience, adapted to their needs and desires, while at the same time being sustainable with a reduced carbon footprint.


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