Terms and provisions of transportation

The conditions of transportation and the regulations applicable under the legislation in force are part of the ticket selected by the Passenger. In this contract, the term “ticket” means “passenger’s electronic ticket” or ticket confirmation code”, of which these terms and notices form part. The term “Carrier” includes all air carriers which, in accordance with the following transportation conditions, carry or undertake to carry the passenger or his baggage or perform any other service related to air transport. The term “electronic ticket” or “ticket confirmation code” means the Route Receipt issued by or on behalf of the Carrier and the boarding pass. Warsaw Convention means the Convention for the Integration of Provisions relating to International Air Carriage, signed in Warsaw on 12 October 1929 and amended in Hague on 28 September 1955, and in Montreal in 1999.
Any exception or limitation of Carrier’s liability also applies to its agents, employees or representatives and any person whose aircraft is used by the carrier for carriage as well as agents, employees or representatives of that person. No agent or employee or representative of the carrier may modify any provision of this agreement.
The Carrier undertakes to make every possible effort to properly perform the relevant service. In exceptional circumstances, the Carrier can replace aircraft and, if necessary, change scheduled flight routes. The Carrier is not responsible for securing a connection not included in the Passenger’s ticket.
The Passenger must comply with the laws and applicable provisions on air travel, and show the travel documents required. He/she must also arrive at the airport at the time specified by the Carrier.
The personal data provided to the carrier regarding your travel may be forwarded to the competent state authorities for border control and air safety reasons.
The ticket is non-transferable to another person.

Air carrier’s responsibility

The term “damage” includes death, injury, delay, partial or total loss or any other damage resulting from the transportation or any other related services performed by the Carrier.
Our liability as a Carrier is determined in accordance with the provisions of the Convention as implemented by Regulation (EC) under No. 889/2002 and the national legislation in force. We are not responsible for any damage due to our compliance with applicable law or state rules or regulations. Any responsibility we bear for compensation shall be limited due to your own negligence that may have caused, contributed to or increased the damage in accordance with the applicable law.
As a Carrier, we are liable only for damages incurred during the transportation in flights or parts of flights on the ticket of which our Airline Code appears.
The Carrier’s liability for the destruction, loss or damage to luggage up to 1,131 SDRs (approximately € 1,300). Regardless of what is specified in the transportation contract or other applicable law: (a) The Carrier is not liable for damage to a passenger or baggage not handed over to the “check-in counter” and registered by the Carrier, unless this damage was caused due to the Carrier’s negligence. (b) The Carrier is not liable for any damage arising directly and exclusively from the faithful application of laws, state regulations, provisions or rules or non-compliance by the passenger. (c) Any carrier’s exclusion or limitation of liability in accordance with the terms of this Agreement shall also apply to the Carrier’s agents, employees or representatives as well as to anyone whose aircraft is used by the Carrier for carriage and to its agents, employees or representatives.
In the event of a damage to a Baggage checked in accordance with the above and registered by the Carrier, a written declaration of damage must be made to the Carrier immediately after receiving the luggage and discovering the damage. Declarations of damages submitted seven (7) days after receiving the luggage shall not be accepted. In case of delayed receipt of the baggage, any damage declaration must be made within (21) days of the date of receipt.


The ticket, after confirmation of the reservation is valid for the transfer from the airport of the point of departure to the airport of the destination following the route indicated on the ticket.
The Carrier undertakes to make every possible effort to properly carry out the relevant service. Hours referring to the routes or anywhere else are indicative and are not part of this contract. The Carrier may, without notice, replace carriers or aircraft and, in case of need, change or skip stations included in the ticket. The Carrier may change the routes without notice and assumes no responsibility for ensuring connections. It may also, for reasons beyond its control or for technical reasons and if it considers that is necessary, cancel, interrupt, deviate from, postpone or delay any flight or further transfer right or a confirmation of a seat. It can decide whether any departure or landing should take place and these without bearing any responsibility. It only has to refund the ticket and the luggage charges according to its invoices for the part of the ticket that was not used. In case of overloading, the Carrier solely decides which passengers or items shall be transported.
The passenger must comply with all state travel regulations. He/ she must arrive at the airport 60' before the scheduled departure time. Passengers traveling abroad must arrive at the airport two (2) hours before the scheduled departure time. The Carrier is not liable for any loss or any expense of the passenger if he/she does not comply with the above condition. The airline is not obliged to reimburse the cost of the route. If the fare increases, the passenger is required to pay the difference without any notice.
No agent or employee or representative of the Carrier is entitled to amend or terminate any provision of this Agreement.

Special categories of passengers:

  • I. Pregnant passengers

    • Up to the 28th week of pregnancy; There are no restrictions or medical certificates required
    • Between the 29th and 35th week of pregnancy (or the 31st if you are expecting twins); You need a medical certificate from your doctor about your state of health and the ability to travel by air. The certificate should be delivered to the carrier.
    • More than 36 weeks of pregnancy (or the 32nd if you are expecting twins); In this case, pregnant passengers cannot travel by air.

  • II. Unaccompanied children

    • Children between the ages of 5 and 12 may travel unaccompanied on the condition that a parent/escort or guardian will be present at both the airport of departure and arrival and provided that the Carrier has been informed prior to the issuance of the ticket and has confirmed the availability of the special child escort service for the flight in question.
    • The child must carry a passport. Only for domestic flights within the Greek Territory the child can travel with a valid public document, with its recent photo (e.g. birth certificate, identification certificate) validated by a Public Authority or a Citizens Service Centre (KEP).
    • If the child 's relationship with the declared escort, either upon departure or on arrival, is not proved by a valid public document, then both parents need to provide an authorization validated by Public Authority, Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or electronically issued via the gov.gr platform for the drop off/pick up of the child by or to this person/escort.
    • Make sure that the child 's guardian / escort at the airport of departure and arrival carries with them their identity card, as well as the authorization validated by Public Authority, Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or electronically issued via the gov.gr platform.
    • There is a special surcharge for this service per route. The delivery of the unaccompanied child takes place at the airport of destination with the identification and signature of the parent/ escort or guardian who will pick the child up.

  • III. People with special needs

    In order to be able to provide you with our services, please contact our company before issuing your ticket and at least 48 hours before departure of the flight you have selected.

Dog guides for vision impaired people travel for free. In order to be able to ensure your safe transportation, you must ask for our help before your ticket is issued by your agent or directly with us.

Travel documents:

  • Travel documents for passengers aged 12 years and older:

    Valid ID card or passport, depending on the country of destination. Only for domestic flights within the Greek Territory, in case of loss of identity card, you have the opportunity to travel with any other official document bearing your photo (e.g.Driver's License).

  • Travel documents for infants and children under the age of 12:

    They have to carry a passport.

    Only for domestic flights within the Greek Territory, either with an identification certificate or a birth certificate along with a recent photo of the child, validated by a Public Authority or a Citizens Service Centre (KEP).

    In case the child travels only with one parent or guardian, an authorization validated by Public Authority, Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or electronically issued via the gov.gr platform is required, which gives permission for the child to be accompanied by that parent or guardian only. (The authorization must be signed by the other parent). For international flights the authorization, as described above, must be in English. If the parent travelling with the child carries an official document for full custody, no authorization is required.
  • Medical certificates, in case here is a health problem that you should inform us about.
  • Travel documents for pets:

    Animal health booklet if you want to take a pet with you (dog, cat) as well as a statement / confirmation that you are the owner of the animal.

    It is also necessary to make sure that your pet carries an identity microchip.

    A complete vaccination must be carried out at least 21 days before the flight and must be in effect on the day of travel.

  • For the transfer of weapons and ammunition, as to the authenticity of the documents certifying the legal possession and carrying of weapons, the control is carried out by the POLICE.

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