On board

Fly with unrivalled comfort, indulging in branded snacks and beverages

Οn flights that last longer than 30'

We offer complimentary coffee or juice or light refreshment, biscuits, candies and a napkin.

On flights shorter than 30' due to practical reasons we unfortunately can’t offer coffee and refreshment. We offer candies and a napkin on these flights.

Branded snacks and beverages offered for free

Use your time onboard to get up to speed

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FLY Magazine

Explore Greece, its hidden treasures and many more by flipping through FLY Magazine.
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FLY with a clear conscience

SKY express has one of the greenest fleets in the region

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AIRBUS A320neo

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ATR 72-500

18% Greener than our competition
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ATR 42-500

14% Greener than our competition