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Unaccompanied Child service

Flight Time

Minors 5-12 travel safely, we make sure of it


Unaccompanied children over 5 years old can travel by receiving escort service

Escort service charge

Direct Flight

Direct domestic flights

+10€per route
Indirect Flight

non Direct domestic flights

+20€per route
Direct Flight

Direct international flights

+40€per route
Indirect Flight

Non direct international flights

+50€per route

Making a reservation

Children between 5 and 12 years of age who travel unaccompanied should arrive with a declared attendant at the departure airport and be picked up by a declared escort at their arrival airport.

The unaccompanied child ticket must be booked only through the customer service department and at a service fee of 10 € in addition to the charge for the escort service. The reservation must be made no later than 8 hours before the departure of the flight and the name, address and telephone of both the guardian/escort to deliver the child at the departure airport as well as the guardian/escort to pick up the child at the arrival airport should be declared.

The “Parent or Guardian Declaration” form, which you can download electronically here, must also be completed and signed.

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Info Travel Documents

The child must carry a passport. Only for domestic flights within the Greek Territory the child can travel with a valid public document, with its recent photo (e.g. birth certificate, identification certificate) validated by a Public Authority or a Citizens Service Centre (KEP).

If the child 's relationship with the declared escort, either upon departure or on arrival, is not proved by a valid public document, then both parents need to provide an authorization validated by Public Authority, Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or electronically issued via the platform for the drop off/pick up of the child by or to this person/escort.

Make sure that the child 's guardian / escort at the airport of departure and arrival carries with them their identity card, as well as the authorization validated by Public Authority, Citizens Service Centre (KEP) or electronically issued via the platform.

At the airport
At the airport

Children traveling alone should be with their escort at the check-in point 2 hours before departure for baggage check-in and delivery of the unaccompanied child. SKY express staff will pick up your child to accompany him/ her to the aircraft.

Stay in the airport area until you make sure, from the notice board, of the flight departure for your child.

During flight
During the flight

The SKY express cabin crew will ensure that the child has a comfortable and safe travel.

Please inform your child in advance that he/ she needs to remain seated during the flight. Also, when arriving at the destination airport, he/ she will have to wait seated until a member of our staff arrives. This is particularly important regarding teenagers.

Upon arrival
Upon arrival

When your aircraft arrives, your child will be the last one to leave the aircraft. A member of our staff will accompany your child to claim his/her luggage and deliver him/her to the guardian/consignee in the arrival room.