Two more awards onboard for the Greek airline!

Two more awards onboard for the Greek airline!

AwardsMar 9, 2023

During 2022 SKY express successfully recorded the best performance in terms of recovery and growth in the domestic market. This milestone was celebrated with the receipt of two awards, the highest growth performance award, and the fastest recovery in the market award.

SKY express won two more important distinctions from the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” (ATH), in the framework of “Sounding the Future”, the Airlines Marketing Workshop, organized by the airport on February 22, at the Conservatory of Athens.

More precisely, SKY express received the following awards:

  • The airline with the highest recovery in the domestic market for 2022
  • The fastest-growing airline for 2022

These two new distinctions add to SKY express’ list of awards with which it entered the new year. Just to mention some, the recognition as an international case study by Google, the recognition as the European airline with higher increase in flights by Eurocontrol, or the highest distinction as Brand and Client of the Year at this year’s Ermis Awards.

As Mr Theodoros Krokidas, President of SKY express, mentioned “Gaining the recognition of such important and precise collaborators, as is the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”, does not only bring us joy, but it also gives as a a push to continue stronger, our way. Our company has quadrupled its market share in Athens during 2019-2022, and most importantly, considering that it happened during a crisis for the airlines and the tourism industry. Following the monumental organizational growth that we recorded in 2022, the successful implementation of our investment plan with the addition of new and bigger aircrafts, our constantly growing flight destinations, we continue steadily with new ideas and products, which we always renew.“

It is worth noting that SKY express is now established as a big greek airline that generated value for the International Airport of Athens, while presenting a unique success story for the airport, the city, and the whole greek and international aviation industry.

According to ATH, SKY express showed up for the fifth consecutive year as the fastest-growing developing airline. What is more, from 2019 to 2022, the company has brought to the International Airport of Athens more than 5.691.609 passengers.