SKY express embraces the “Birthday Journal of a Beautiful and Strange Country” by Foteini Darra

SKY express embraces the “Birthday Journal of a Beautiful and Strange Country” by Foteini Darra

AnnouncementOct 25, 2021
The production of the internationally acclaimed creator is inspired by the Greek Revolution and was hosted at the Athens War Museum.

SKY express is a companion in the musical journey of Fotini Darra on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

The “Birthday Journal of a Beautiful and Strange Country” is a musical narrative conceived, narrated, and interpreted by the famous Greek artist, and which evolved into a film in collaboration with the Athens War Museum.

Through landmark songs of great composers such as Manos Hadjidakis, Stavros Xarchakos, Mikis Theodorakis, the melodized poetry of Nikos Gatsos and Odysseas Elytis but also the lyrics of Pink Floyd, Fotini Darra takes the viewer on to a magical journey. Her performance is accompanied only by pianist George Papachristoudis, or a piano and Spyros Lambrou’s children’s choir.

This route is supported by SKY express, the Greek company that changes the landscape in the country's aviation, contributing to the production of an artistic project that revolves around Greek history and which will travel everywhere.

As the Marketing Manager of IOGR Group and SKY express Mrs. Despina Katsika states: "We are happy to have the opportunity to participate in this beautiful journey of Fotini Darra in collaboration with the Athens War Museum. An artistic initiative that aims to marry the present with the past while at the same time honoring and promoting our history across the world, could not but find us companions".

About the artwork

This is a story that begins today. A woman constrained in her house due to the pandemic lockdown, on the anniversary of the Greek Revolution, reminisces, narrates her moving story while moved herslef, as she connects pieces of Greek history with her own personal journey. In her mind, a man who experiences exactly the same emotions, they unfold their parallel stories at the same time. The two of them compose a couple that symbolizes our equality against dangers that don’t distinguish, such as the pandemic. She recounts stories and sings with the accompaniment of a piano, landmark songs of modern Greek composers M. Theodorakis, G. Markopoulos, M. Hatzidaki, C. Leontis, folk songs, contemporary tunes of today such as Hey you by Pink Floyd.

A musical journey leading to redemption. A story that infuses courage to all of us to face the invisible enemy, summoning strength from the bravery and self-denial of of the Greek revolution fighters, and also the heroic attitude of Greek people during all difficult periods of their history.

The Bicentennial Anniversary of the Greek Revolution poses a challenge for the Greek society mainly, but also for Europe in general, to contemplate the deeper essential and universal notions that are detected in the traces of the Greek Revolution.

The video shooting took place at the War Museum of Athens and showcases the large variety of the exhibits.