AnnouncementMay 18, 2023

The stable relationship of trust grows even stronger.

As part of an event held in Thessaloniki on Monday, May 08, SKY express celebrated together with partners from the field of travel agencies, official representatives of the public sector, productive bodies of the city, as well as representatives of the Mass Media of the region, the company's stable, dynamic and uninterrupted presence in Northern Greece. The event was attended by, among others, the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Mr. Apostolos Tzitzikostas, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Alexandros Thanos and the Deputy Mayors of Culture and Tourism of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Kalamaria, Mrs. Maria Karagianni and Vasso Nikoletou respectively, the CEO of TIF Helexpo, Mr. Kyriakos Pozrikidis and the President of the Federation of Industries of Greece, Mrs. Loukia Saranti. Almost two years ago, SKY express launched the era of AIRBUS and jet routes from Thessaloniki, creating real options for the city's residents to travel in Greece and abroad. Since then and compared to 2019, the data are impressive and fully reflect its dynamic growth.

Specifically for 2022, SKY express to and from Thessaloniki:

  • Carried 17 times more passengers than in 2019
  • Passengers increased from 33,600 to 584,500
  • Increased the share of domestic passengers at Makedonia airport from 1.5% in 2019 to almost 30% in 2022

Respectively, in 2023 SKY express to and from Thessaloniki:

  • increased by fifteen times the number of seats offered from 64,000 to almost 1,000,000
From Thessaloniki SKY express travels to 10 destinations.

SKY express connects the city of Thessaloniki with 10 domestic and international destinations, while bringing it closer to Cyprus through direct flights to Larnaca. During the summer its flight work is further strengthened by giving the residents of Northern Greece the opportunity to travel easily to the most magical destinations of our country. More specifically:

  • Athens - Thessaloniki: up to 6 daily flights
  • Heraklion – Thessaloniki: daily up to two flights
  • Larnaca: 4 times a week. This year, for the first time, the Thessaloniki-Larnaca route will be maintained in the summer.
  • Mytilene: up to 4 flights a week
  • Chios: up to 3 flights a week
  • Samos: up to 3 flights a week
  • Skyros: 2 weekly flights
  • Paros: 3 weekly flights from July to October
  • Mykonos: flights start at the end of June 2023. 3 weekly flights until October
  • Corfu: 2 weekly flights

Gerasimos Skaltsas, Chief Commercial Officer of SKY express, underlined: Even during the pandemic, SKY express won the bet as the only company that continued to fly maintaining the air connection of all its destinations. SKY express has created for the people of Thessaloniki a quality, modern travel experience tailored to their needs, in really competitive prices. Our strong relationship with the city of Thessaloniki was reaffirmed in 2021, when we named one of our first Airbus A320neos at the time, "My Thessaloniki", in honor of the city. This relationship continues and we remain with actions next to the city of Thessaloniki, its agencies, our partners, its people. Tangible proof of our support is the recent free transfer of students to and from Thessaloniki, as well as the support of important institutions for the city, such as Posidonia, and the International Marathon “Alexander the Great”.

Data for the first quarter 2023 FOR THE SKY express network.

Data for 1st quarter of 2023 presented by SKY express at the event confirm the company's strong operating growth:

  • Total flights increased by 11% (compared to the same period in 2022) exceeding 10,000. Compared to the first quarter of 2019 (pre-Covid-19 period) the increase in flights reaches 69%.
  • The company's passengers increased by 50% (compared to the first quarter of 2022), reaching 730,000. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, the increase reaches 390%.
  • The total revenue of the company increased 73% (compared to the first quarter of 2022) reaching €48 million, driven by the higher growth of international flights. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, the increase reaches 489%.