Sky Express Fares

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Three Fare categories are offered on the Sky Express commercial transport network * and you can choose the fare which includes the services that meet your travel needs.

SkySmart: The choice that includes all the services so that you can enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable travel.

The SkySmart fare gives you access to the Sky Executive Lounge for a pleasant wait in the airport and the possibility to quickly pass through security check using Sky Fast Lane service. It is the ideal choice for passengers who change their travel plans, since it allows you to change your plans without charge (charge only in case of a fare difference).

SkySave: The fare includes basic services and allows you to carry luggage up to 15 kg.

The SkySave fare offers you access to the Sky Executive Lounge for a pleasant wait at the airport and is the best choice for passengers carrying luggage. You can also choose your seat on the aircraft. This fare also allows the reimbursement of the ticket in case of cancellation

SkyFly: The economic option for passengers travelling light.

The SkyFly fare is designed for passengers who do not carry much luggage, since it allows the transport of luggage weighing up to 8kg.

*Routes from and to Heraklion for Zakynthos, Ikaria, Kos, Mytilene, Rhodes and Sitia for which the SkyBasic fare is offered, are not included in Sky Express’s commercial air services.


This fare is offered on routes from and to Athens for Zakynthos, Ikaria, Karpathos, Kythira, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Skiathos, as well as on routes to and from Thessaloniki for Samos and Chios.


This fare is offered on other Sky Express PSO routes.

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