The first state-of-the-art ATR 72-600 to the Greek sky

The first state-of-the-art ATR 72-600 to the Greek sky

AnnouncementJul 1, 2021

The fastest growing Greek airline proves its dedication to serving even the most distant detitanations of the country combining quality services and environmental awareness

The new generation of ATR 72-600 aircraft is brought to our country for the first time by SKY express to reinforce the coverage of its domestic network. This type of aircraft meets the specific requirements of national aviation. It offers a unique flight experience, while at the same time it is renowned for its eco-friendliness and its fuel efficiency.

The choice was made in the context of the systematic investment of SKY express in upgrading and modernizing its already "green" fleet, ranking first in the country in terms of fleet aggregate.

With the acquisition of the new aircraft in a demanding period for our tourism, SKY express will comfortably serve 35 regional destinations, from Crete to Alexandroupolis and from Corfu to Ikaria.

Mr. Theodoros Krokidas, Chairman of the Board of SKY express states: “At SKY express our commitment to a" cleaner" future for flights is perpetual. It is proven with our investments in new-generation aircraft that save fuel and reduce environmental footprint. We will continue to combine the joy of traveling with a policy that shows sensitivity and honors the trust of our customers ".

ATR Chief Executive, Stefano Bortoli, said: “There is no better solution with which to provide essential links and connectivity than an ATR 72-600, which is the sustainable benchmark in regional aviation today. Studies have shown than an increase of 10% in regional flights can lead to a 5% increase in local GDP, proving the value of regional air transportation and the fundamental role of regional connectivity. We hope that airlines all over the world will follow the example set by SKY express and put their faith in turboprop aircraft, which are the economical solution to reducing emissions in aviation.”

The fastest-growing Greek airline plans the further development of its ecological fleet for the Greek territory.

About the new ATR 72-600

The modern ATR 72-600 of SKY express is one of the most popular aircraft in their category. They are distinguished for their environmentally friendly characteristics, low fuel consumption, increased autonomy, adaptation to hot or cold conditions and significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide (40% less CO2 per flight).

You can see here the virtual tour inside and in the cockpit of the ATR 72-600.

Visitors in addition to "green" aircraft, have at their disposal affordable and highly competitive fares, personalized digital services and flexible travel options. At the same time, the company implements a comprehensive plan of measures to ensure the health and safety of passengers and staff with the enhanced care of the hygiene program "CarePlane".