SKY express is entering a new era

SKY express is entering a new era

AnnouncementOct 14, 2020

SKY express, the fastest growing airline in Greece, a member of the IOGR Group of Companies, announces the acquisition of six brand new Airbus Α320neo aircraft and their immediate incorporation to its fleet.

The new aircraft with lower fuel consumption and highly advanced technical specifications, are coming to enhance the privately-owned fleet of SKY express, further reinforcing its flight operation which already covers 34 destinations across Greece, and to expand the company’s horizons to international flights.

The acquisition of these aircraft marks a new era for SKY express and it inevitably changes the airline industry landscape of Greece.

The first flight of the new aircraft will take place on December 14th on the route Athens – Thessaloniki and, effective today, passengers can make reservations with an array of additional services and new fares at their disposal. Gradually, by March 2021, the brand new aircraft will be operating domestic routes as well as international ones, serving thousands of passengers by offering the most affordable prices and, as always, services of the highest quality.

With an attractive and competitive fare plan, every passenger has the opportunity to build their personal experience in a hassle-free, simple, and value-for-money manner, testament to the main message of SKY express about making travel easier than ever: "Fly Every Day".

The new aircraft come with a revamped livery; the fresh fleet appearance will not only underscore this corporate milestone, but also convey the message “Greece is bliss” everywhere, since it adorns the exterior of the brand new aircraft in multiple places.

A new look with a dynamic, linear design accompanied by highly symbolic colors: blue and fuchsia. Blue, because it represents a Greek airline that held its ground through the recent challenges and, despite the global aviation industry crisis, managed to pick up the pace and acquire 6 new aircraft, supporting the Economy and Greece’s extroversion. Fuchsia, because the friendly, optimistic and fresh character of SKY express, leaves no one unmoved. 7 blue lines for the 7 days of the week. 7 days full of travel. On the other side, the fuchsia lines are 8. The number 8 symbolizes the infinity of the horizon and the sky, signaling the countless experiences that each trip embodies, alike the endless potential this airline.

This is SKY express.

An airline that knows how to create milestones along its journey, how to grow, how to support its country and, above all, how to serve its passengers with a smile, modern services, and new-era products.