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Booking questions


I would like to receive an invoice.

If you wish to receive an invoice, please fill in the form you will find here: Invoice Request


Can I change my name on ticket?

After ticket's issuance, it is not possible to make a passenger name change.
Changes allowed, only in following cases, provided the corrected name is reflected on the official travel document/s presented by passenger during departure.

  • Name is mistyped in Latin characters, i.e. ELENA instead of ELENI.
  • The passenger has a double name but only one inserted in booking.
  • Reverse insertion of family name/first name, i.e. JOHN/PAPPAS instead of PAPPAS/JOHN.
  • Existence of mistyping errors for up to maximum three(3) characters, in First or Family name.
  • The booking includes the diminutive and not the full first name (e.g. Beth instead of Elizabeth, Alex instead of Alexander, etc.).
  • The middle name is not included in the booking.

The above-mentioned name changes can be processed , via Call Center at a service fee of EUR 10,00 per passenger.

Regarding bookings made through travel agencies please contact the respective service points.

Luggage questions


Ι did not receive my luggage upon my arrival at the airport.

If your baggage is not delivered to you, you are kindly requested to complete the Property Irregularity Report at the lost and found department of your arrival airport before your leave the airport facilities.The following contains valuable information to assist you through the process of addressing any lost or delayed baggage.

It is our goal to ensure the security of your personal items and assist you while they are being located. We will do all we can to return your baggage as soon as possible. In most cases baggage will be returned to you within 48 hours.

Once your baggage is located, a lost and found agent will contact you to arrange the delivery of your baggage. In case you have encountered direct losses because of the delay of your bag you have to send a claim for evaluation to our Customer care department at . This claim must reach us within 21 days after the delivery date.

In case your baggage has not been located after 5 days, an extensive tracing process, based on the content of your baggage, will initiate. This contents-related search enables us to assign the majority of delayed baggage to its rightful owner. In case your baggage has not been returned to you within 5 days after your flight, we request that your complete the Property Loss Claim Form (you have to contact to receive it) and submit it as soon as possible including all the requested information about your baggage. Do not submit this form before 5 days.

In the unfortunate event that your baggage has not been located within 21 days after the receipt of the Property Loss Claim Form your file will be examined from Customer care department. Department will value the items listed in the inventory list and will revert to you at the email address of your file.


SKY express will reimburse only reasonable property losses and required receipts to be presented. Reasonable expenses are 30€ per day the bag is delayed. Claims for expenses from nonrevenue customers or customers using staff discount are excluded for any reimbursement.

SKY express does not examine claims for any expenses for cases baggage delayed while passengers arrived at their permanent address or for items suggested from airline not to transferred into checked in baggage.

We regret any inconvenience associated with your baggage experience. We are doing everything on our power to locate and restore your baggage to you as soon as possible.


Where should I keep objects that I never, ever want to lose?

Don’t place them in the baggage you drop-off at the check-in counters. Put them in your handbag or carry-on baggage and make sure you keep documents such as these close:

  • a. Fragile objects
  • b. Receipts
  • c. Laptops and other electronic devices
  • d. Stored data
  • e. Cameras
  • f. Any medication or medical equipment
  • g. Valuable documents such as passports, certificates, ID certifications, work documents etc.

What kind of luggage we won’t accept at check-in?

Fragile, damaged or insufficiently packaged luggage.If your suitcase is damaged, we do accept it at check-in, but we place a 'limited responsibility baggage' tag on it. This ensures we all know any likely damage was not caused in the course of the trip but was already there.


My luggage was damaged. What can I do?

File a written complaint within 7 days from the date you received the damaged luggage. You will need the following documents:

  • a. Original P.I.R. document (Property Irregularity Report) that was issued by the Lost and Found office, by the Handling Company.
  • b. A detailed list of all the damaged or missing objects.
  • c.Your luggage ticket or in case you are travelling with a group, every passenger’s luggage ticket. Your baggage tag or in case you are travelling with a group, every passenger’s baggage tag.
  • d.Documents that are not sent to us within 7 days cannot be taken into account for further arrangements or settlements.

Minor damage

We don’t bear responsibility for any of the following damages:

  • a. Small cuts, scratches, stains, blows, dirt.
  • b. Damage to the wheels, straps, or handles of the baggage.
  • c. Damage to fragile objects.
  • d. Damage due to excessive packaging of the luggage.
  • e. Loss of outside locks, straps, or zip ties.
  • f. Luggage that was accepted as a ‘’limited responsibility baggage”.
  • g. Objects that were confiscated by airport authorities.

Note: Scan and send all of your original documents to:

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