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SKY express flights on average last 40'.
Take care and have a nice flight!



We make every effort to avoid spreading the virus

We do not offer snacks & drinks

In order to significantly diminish the spread of Covid-19, we no longer offer you snacks, drinks, water and ice cubes, in order to not only minimize your contacts with the crew, but also to avert you from removing your facial mask throughout your flight. In case of emergency, you can ask us for water that we will bring in a single use paper cup.

We offer you safe and creative online entertainment

Temporarily we have ceased distributing our inflight magazine ‘FLY’. However you can pass the time and entertain yourselves by reading ‘FLY’ or other magazines and newspapers through our new online service SKY eJournals, on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Equipped Crew

Our cabin crew hands out disinfectant wipes. The flight attendants wear masks and gloves. In the aircraft you can find a garbage bag for safe removal of all kinds of waste.

The lavatories are constantly being cleaned

The aircraft’s WC gets cleaned every two hours or after 10 uses, according to general guidelines. During the trip we suggest you only use the WC in case of emergency.

What happens if someone has symptoms during the flight

  • In case you cough or sneeze you should cover your mouth with a tissue or the inside of your elbow, trying to look down toward the floor.
  • If you feel unwell, notify a flight attendant immediately.
  • Flight attendants always make sure they have a general image of the passengers and in case of persistent symptoms they offer you an extra mask and gloves and dispose of the used ones. They note the exact position of the potentially suspicious case as well as the information of all passengers two rows in front of, behind, and next to the passenger that is having symptoms, so that they make them available to health services. At the same time on land services provide assistance in delivering the required information, and in following specific guidelines.

We protect our crew members and the flight deck

The cabin crew avoids entering the flight deck and uses the intercommunication system instead. In flights with two cabin crew members the labor is divided is such a manner that they do not have to be in close contact.


We inform you that in the aircraft we only allow one small bag or one laptop bag.

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