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SKY express flights on average last 40'.
Take care and have a nice flight!



We limit physical contact points while you are responsible for providing information on your health

According to the latest guidelines of the Civil Aviation Services to deal with the pandemic, flights within the internal network of Greece are classified as low risk flights, due to the duration of the trip.

Each flight has a duration of 40', on average.

We check the place of origin of the passengers.

We take care of your safety, so we voluntarily ask each passenger to state their original place of origin, as well as any intermediate stops, for the period of the last 14 days.

To ensure your best possible care and safety:

  • We urge you to prefer the online services (for ticket booking and check-in)
  • Only passengers are allowed access inside the airport terminal (exceptions apply)
  • Should a passenger not conform with these directives, it is highly possible that he/she is denied boarding.

The storage and deletion of your data is done in accordance with the privacy policy of the company.

How you board the plane.

  • If you experience symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., your boarding is not allowed without a written prescription from a doctor.
  • Be sure to wear a mask, as the Authorities have rendered its use compulsory.

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