Travel documents

Before starting your trip, make sure that you are properly prepared. Carefully read the general guidelines that apply every time you travel and the specific information you may have been given.

Before you leave, we recommend that you check that you have your travel documents with you. Make sure to keep them with you throughout your journey, in your bag or hand luggage.

All adult passengers, as well as those minors for whom identification documents are required to be issued, must have those documents with them during the trip:

  • Identity card or
  • Passport

Documents that have a certain period of validity must be in force at the time of your trip. Please check carefully the expiration dates of these documents and proceed with their renewal before travelling.

Minors under the age of twelve (12) who do not have an identity Card nor Passport can only travel if any public document including the child’s picture (such as a birth certificate or a health booklet) can be shown instead.