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Volos is one of the largest, most important and most vibrant cities in Greece. It is also a well-known port, as well as a famous University city full of students and, therefore, full of life! In ancient years, it used to be called Iolkos. According to Greek Mythology, Jason and the Argonauts set off from here to go and find the Golden Fleece. Modern-day Volos is built at the foot of Mount Pelion, home of the mythical Centaurs, overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. That adds value to this attractive city as it can be used as a gateway to amazing islands, by boat or to Pelion villages of unparalleled natural beauty, by car. Last but not least, do not miss -and this could be underlined with a colorful marker- the “tsipouradika”. That is, the famous little taverns or restaurants named after tsipouro, the notorious local spirit. Order a glass and combine it with seafood dishes! We promise you a unique gastronomic and fun experience, if you try it.


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