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Travel to Thessaloniki, the most widely sung-about, cinematic, multicultural and erotic city of Greece. The "joint capital", as it is commonly called, offers a magical experience to all its visitors, because it combines what any visitor might desire: mountains, sea, walks full of amazing sights, nightlife, good food, culture, shopping and many more things worthy of exploring. The city of Thessaloniki was selected as the cultural capital of Europe in 1997 and constitutes an entire outdoor museum all by itself. No matter which street you may find yourselves on, you are bound to come across a majestic church or a historical monument whose picture you will want to take. In fact, with 15 World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO, the city truly reflects culture. Take a walk down the beachfront and admire the White Tower, the trademark monument of Thessaloniki. Drink your coffee in Aristotelous Square and continue your shopping in Tsimiski Street. Enjoy an evening with good food and music in the historical Ladakika neighborhood. Visit Ano Poli and wander around its paved narrow streets, on your way towards the Castles, concluding your walk with a coffee looking at the sun as it sets over the city. The choices are endless and waiting for you to explore them. Book your tickets with SKY Express and fill your bags with the dreamiest images, tastes and memories that will forever remain imprinted on your mind.


The history

Thessaloniki was established in the 4th century B.C., named after the daughter of King Philip II of Macedon and sister to Alexander the Great. The important strategic location of the city is what helps it maintain its status as the trading and economic center of Macedonia and the wider Balkan peninsula.

The century-spanning history of the city is marked by the comings and goings of great empires – such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires – and this is reflected in its monuments, standing as undeniable witnesses narrating stories from different periods, civilizations and religions to their visitors. Some of the most important buildings of Thessaloniki, surviving to the present day, were constructed during these periods – the Via Egnatia, the Rotunda and the Kamara during the era of the Romans, and the White Tower during the period of Ottoman Rule.

The modern history of Thessaloniki finds the city going through conflicts and socioeconomic redefinitions: the First World War, the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the German Occupation left their respective marks in the saga of the city, which was finally liberated in October 1944.

The White Tower

The trademark monument of Thessaloniki, famous to everyone who has ever visited the city – and to many others as well. It was built during the period of Ottoman rule, and currently stands as a museum, in which visitors can take a digital tour through the periods and the history of the city. It is also worth noting that in the past, the White Tower served as a prison for convicts with long sentences, and it was called "Blood Tower". Being almost 34 meters high and with a diameter of 22.70 meters, the White Tower towers majestically at the starting point of Nea Paralia and offers a panoramic view of both the Thermaic Gulf and Mount Olympus, as well as the Ano Poli and the Castles of Thessaloniki.

Koulouri of Thessaloniki

The traditional koulouri of Thessaloniki is a trademark of all bakeries around the city. Koukouli is the favorite snack of locals, mostly eaten at breakfast, and also as a light meal during the day. The famous koulouri dates back to the Byzantine era, and its name comes from the Byzantine Greek word "kollikion". The peddlers who sold this snack used to wander around the city with tawas (trays) atop their heads, starting their sales from early dawn. The koulouri of Thessaloniki began its journey as plain dough kneaded into a circular shape, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Its current evolution presents many variations, and it can be served with cheese filling, or prepared with multigrain dough, wheat and tahini filling.


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