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Yet another gem of Cyclades! Orthodox and catholic traditions meet here, amalgamate, and give colour and personality to the island and its people while coexisting harmoniously. The island feels very retro with its classical buildings, squares out of marble, loukoumia (a Greek type of treat that you absolutely MUST try), and traditional melodies composed by Markos Vamvakaris. Don’t forget to visit Ermoupoli, the capital, and Galissa, Delfini, Kini, Foinika, and Dellagracia, the most wonderful and impressive beaches you will ever see. Siros is the ideal island for a family vacation or for someone looking to experience the authentic Greek summer.


The history

Syros is located in the centre of the Cyclades and according to archaeological evidence, it was first inhabited in prehistoric times (4000 BC) and later in the Cycladic period (3000 BC). The first settlers in the history of Syros were the Phoenicians who moved to the Cyclades, while in the 6th century, Syros was inhabited by the Samians. Ancient Hermoupolis was built by the Ionians and later inhabited by Persians, Romans, Franks and Turks, every single of which left their cultural traces. However, the Venetians played a very important role in the cultural development of the island, making Syros an important commercial center in the Eastern Mediterranean. When the French conquered the island in the 17th century, Syros was inhabited by a large number of Catholics, the well-known order of capuchins who founded a small monastery that remains active until today. The island flourished after the Greek revolution of 1821, when a huge wave of immigrants from Psara, Chios, Crete and Asia Minor settled in Syros using the island as the center of their commercial and maritime activities. The period of prosperity lasted until the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of German troops in Syros.

Τown hall

The Town Hall of Ermoupolis is located in Miaoulis Square. The particular architecture combines the atmosphere of classical ancient Greece with the romance of the West and its general style belongs to the neoclassical architectural style, obviously influenced by German and Italian architects. The Town Hall of Ermoupolis built between 1876 and 1898 when the mayor of Ermoupolis was D. Vafiadakis. It was designed by Ernst Ziller, a Bavarian architect who knew how to leave a clear trace in the 19th-century architecture. The central part is made entirely of marble and inside there is a marble hanging staircase that leads to the first floor. The conference room, where the local government meets, has oil paintings depicting King George I and Queen Olga. The Town Hall also hosts the Archaeological Museum of Syros, the Court, the Land Registry, the Public Archives and some other public services.

Greek delights

The Greek delight of Syros has its roots in Asia Minor and first appeared on the island in 1832, when refugees from Chios arrived. The creator of the first loukoumi in Syros was Mr. Stamatelakis. The ingredients used for the preparation of the doughnuts are water, sugar and starch, while the preparation process is very difficult and time consuming. In Syros you will find Greek delights with various flavors such as rose, mastic, bergamot, mandarin, coconut and many others, as well as various fillings such as nuts!


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