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It may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a leisure trip to Greece. But it is certainly the destination that will engrave in your mind the most intense and authentic images, flavors, smells and memories, that you will cherish for a lifetime...

Secluded, blue beaches, traditional architecture with sugar cubed-like houses, delicious flavors and frugal horses are some of the beauties that Skyros can offer you, the "wild" jewel of the Aegean. Explore the capital of Skyros, Chora, with its picturesque houses that stand imposingly on its hill, overlooking the sea. Get lost in its picturesque alleys, admire its simple and beautiful architecture, smell the intoxicating jasmine that emerges from the courtyards of the houses and enjoy the island in all its glory.

Taste the traditional delicacies of the island and explore it through unique hiking trails that cross the entire island.

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