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Known for its stunning beaches, natural atmosphere, cosmopolitan aura and vibrant nightlife, Skiathos, this idyllic Aegean island and the sparkling diamonds of Sporades has all the conditions to give you the most perfect holiday!

With over 60 beaches, Skiathos can offer you everything - from moments of tranquility and isolation to the wildest day at the island's beach bars! Experience Skiathos through its history, admiring the imposing Bourtzi, as well as the medieval castle of the island. Taste the delicacies of the place in one of the restaurants you will find in the city! Enjoy the nightlife of Skiathos in one of the crowded bars of the island and experience unique moments of liveliness, dancing and carefree moments! Feel the heartbeat of the island, Papadiamantis Street, which will entice you with its cafes, restaurants, bars, taverns and elegant boutiques.

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