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“In the shadow of mountain Athos” is said to be the origin of this island’s name but Skiathos stands in no-one’s shadow. It takes the spotlight as the queen of Sporades as it is ideal for walks in the forest as well as for partying. Skiathos will make you feel like you are in a traditional Greek novel or a lifestyle channel’s show (it all depends on your taste). You can have everything in Skiathos, not only Lalaria and Koukounaries, the star- beaches of the island, but you should also take the time to visit Megali Mpanana (actual translation: Big Banana and no we are not joking), Troullos, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa, Xanemos, and Megalos Aselinos. If Skiathos’ idyllic beaches aren’t enough for you, you are just one boat ride away from the two other star- islands of the Sporades, Skopelos with its traditional old town and Alonissos with its seals and sea park.


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