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Known for its stunning beaches, natural atmosphere, cosmopolitan aura and vibrant nightlife, Skiathos, this idyllic Aegean island and the sparkling diamonds of Sporades has all the conditions to give you the most perfect holiday! With more than 60 beaches, Skiathos can offer you everything! Would you prefer peace and a more remote beach? Or do you like beach bars, music and people dancing from sunrise to sunset? Skiathos has an option for everyone! Lalaria beach, with its crystal clear waters and white pebbles will dazzle you. Koukounaries beach, with their golden sand and dense pine forest will offer you a unique picture of the rich biodiversity of Skiathos. And the beaches aren't limited to this... Banana, Troullos, Agia Paraskevi, Kanapitsa, Xanemos, Great Moon and many more await you to explore them. Live Skiathos through its history. Entering the port of Skiathos, you are welcomed to Bourtzi, a pine-planted island that hosts the ruins of a Venetian fortress of the 13th century. Opposite, the main town of Skiathos, Chora, rises from the coast like an amphitheatre, with its complex of houses with red roofs. Taste the delicacies of the place in one of the restaurants you will find in the city! Enjoy the nightlife of Skiathos in one of the crowded bars of the island and experience unique moments of liveliness, dancing and carefree moments! Feel the heartbeat of the island, Papadiamantis Street, which will entice you with its cafes, restaurants, bars, taverns and elegant boutiques, And for nature lovers, Skiathos generously offers you a network of hiking trails, 197 km long, which is the perfect way to explore the wild natural landscape of the island!


Bourtzi is a tiny peninsula that divides the port of Skiathos into two parts. It used to be a fortress built by the Gizi brothers who ruled Skiathos in 1207. Bourtzi was bounded by impenetrable walls and there were two towers located to the left and right of the main gate. Archaeologists are of the opinion that inside the fortress there used to be a chapel, the chapel of Agios Georgios, which was also the guardian of the Venetians. The church was probably built by the Gizi brothers. Due to the presence of this church, Bourtzi was widely named as the Kastelli of Agios Georgios (Castle of Agios Georgios). The impregnable fortress was destroyed in 1660 with the occupation of the island by Admiral Francesco Morozini. In 1906 a school was built in the middle of the peninsula, which was funded by Andreas Syngros. At the entrance of the school, in 1925, the bust of Alexandros Papadiamantis was placed, which is there until today.

Skiathos baklava

If you ask someone to tell you a syrup desserts that comes to mind, the odds are that they will mention the baklava first. And not in vain, since baklava is one of the most popular syrup dessert but also one of the most difficult to prepare. Skiathian baklava consists of about 50 handmade thin leaves, which are spread successively with fresh butter and grated almonds, in a round, low baking pan.The leaves are opened by hand and before being put in the oven it is cut into unique diamond pieces. Once the baklava is cooked, of course, it is poured with syrup. Alternatively, some recipes present the baklava of Skiathos with cloves and walnuts. This dessert came to the island of Skiathos in 1922, along with the refugees from Asia Minor. It is considered the dessert that stars in celebrations, especially weddings.


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