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In the eastern part of Crete you will find the enchanting Sitia. A place that seduces anyone who visits and invites them to explore it inch by inch. Shiny, blue beaches, unique archaeological sites, exotic palm trees, fascinating images of nature and a very hospitable and smiling world are some of the elements that will make you fall in love with Sitia. Wander the city, stroll in its narrow streets, listen to the everyday life and habits of the locals. The city of Sitia will amaze you with its cleanliness and authenticity! Relax on the beach of Sitia and be amazed by the spectacular views from this spot to the whole city. If you are one of the travelers looking for more excursions, Sitia can be your base to visit the beaches around the area and enjoy waters as clear and blue as those you see on postcards! For lovers of history and art, Sitia will reward you with the imposing Kazarma fortress, which dominates imposing and hosts a variety of cultural events and concerts. Be dazzled by the splendour of this attraction and enjoy a unique view of the port of Sitia! But wandering doesn't stop here! A walk on the coastal road of Sitia is worth to admire the uniqueness of this city. Palm trees and excellent taverns and cafes compose the scenery of the coastal road. So take your walk and finish your tour in one of the taverns of the city, where you will taste the delicious, authentic flavors of Sitia.

Kazarma Fortress

The fortifications around the city of Sitia and the imposing Kazarma date back to the end of the Byzantine period. Apparently, the Venetians had used Sitia as a base for their operations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Above the older ruins are the imposing buildings of the Venetian fortress of Kazarma and the feudal towers that are scattered in the area. The name Kazarma came from the Italian Casa di Arma which means barracks. The Venetians had built the most imposing and massive monument of Sitia! Kazarma was mainly a military base, but it was also used as a command center. Kazarma lights up at night during the summer months. It is the center of the cultural life of Sitia and there takes place the Kornaria Festival.


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