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The capital of the Dodecanese, Rhodes is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan island destinations in the country. This verdant island of the Sun or island of the Knights, as Rhodes is commonly known, is a crossroads of civilizations, a global attraction. It has two sides, the new city with its modern infrastructure, as well as its medieval side with the Palace of the Grand Master, the Castle of the Knights, as well as elegant architectural elements from the Venetian period. The island boasts one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and, at the same time, one of the most developed hotel industries in the entire Mediterranean. Luxury resorts, boutique hotels ideal for couples, as well as excellent hotel facilities for family holidays, restaurants, vibrant nightlife, mountain villages and beaches with golden sand and blue waters are some of the elements that make up the landscape of Rhodes, laying the foundations for an unforgettable holiday experience on this beautiful island. Take the route from the port to the new city and cross the medieval walls. Enter the Old Town and become part of medieval history, reliving the history of the Knights and walking in their footsteps. Continue to the new city, enjoying its shops and cafes, as well as its beautiful beaches in front of the aquarium and casino. Why not go out of town and visit the beautiful picturesque villages of the island? We would recommend Faliraki, Afandou and Prasonisi for some of the most beautiful beaches. Alternatively, if you want a mix of history and relaxation, the menu includes Kallithea Springs and Lindos! Whatever you do, wherever you decide to go, the island of Rhodes will be cherished in your memories forever. The people and their unparalleled hospitality, the wonderful landscapes of the island, the golden beaches and the traditional cuisine will make you want to visit it again!


The history

Due to its strategic position, being at the crossroads between East and West, Rhodes has been under constant attacks and domination since the early years. The first settlers of the island came from Asia and some evidence of a Mycenaean settlement has been found, while they were succeeded by the Dorians. In 500 BC Rhodes was already a powerful force. There were also many temples and buildings such as the Acropolis of Rhodes built at this time. Due to its strategic position, Rhodes was conquered by Romans, Byzantines, Turks, Persians and Saracens. The history of Rhodes, however, was mainly marked by the occupation by the Venetians, with the Knights building some of the most impressive castles and palaces that survive to this day, such as the Palace of the Grand Master, the Castle of Monolithos and the Medieval Castle of Kritinia. In 1523, after a long siege, the Ottomans took control of the island, who remained in Rhodes until 1912. During World WarI, Rhodes was occupied by the Italians until 1943. The Italians contributed to the development of the island, with the renovation of important sites and the construction of fine buildings, such as the National Theatre of the city. Moving on to the most modern history, in 1947 Rhodes and all the Dodecanese islands joined the Greek State.

Medieval or Old Town

Get carried away in a magical journey through time, through your walks in the Medieval City of Rhodes. And if the word “Medieval” troubles you, waiting to see a ruined scenery, you will be pleasantly surprised when you wander through its busy commercial streets, which alternate pleasantly with quiet alleys, in a very lively city that has been continuously inhabited for the last two thousand years! It is therefore no coincidence that, since 1988, the old town of Rhodes was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage City and is one of the largest and most well-preserved medieval cities in Europe. Medieval buildings, mosques, traditional fountains, oriental motifs, Byzantine and Gothic churches, shops and cafes are scattered throughout the Old Town of Rhodes, which combine to create a unique and picturesque whole.


Wenn Sie Falafel lieben, wird Pitaroudia genau zu Ihnen passen! Pürierte Kichererbsen, kombiniert mit gehackten Tomaten und Zwiebeln, werden zu einem der köstlichsten frittierten Gerichte geformt, das Sie je probiert haben. Was die Pitaroudia so besonders macht, ist die Zugabe von frischer Minze und Petersilie, was sie zum perfekten griechischen Mezé macht, der herrlich zu einem Schuss Ouzo oder einem kalten Bier passt! Neben den herzhaften Mezés gibt es die Pitaroudia auch in ihrer süßen Variante, die unter anderem Nelken, Zimt, Muskatnuss und geriebenen Mastix enthält und mit Honig beträufelt wird.


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