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The Island of Lesvos is like a poem written by Sappho or a painting by Theofilos. Get started by visiting its capital, Mytilene, the commercial and cultural center of the island. Testament to the importance of this city for the island is the fact that we end up calling the whole island by its capital’s name, instead of its actual one, Lesvos. It is the capital after all. And it is a capital with an exceptionally aristocratic attitude. But don’t stay there, keep moving. Discover Molyvos, Petra, Eressos. Walk through the rare forest of fossils. Drink the best ouzo of your life in Plomari. Climb to Ayassos. And this is just the start. Invest your time in discovering this large and amazing island of the north-east Aegean Sea. Its beauty will be worth your investment 100 times over.


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