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Very close to the coast of Turkey, literally a stone's throw from it, is located Lesbos, the "muse" of the Northeastern Aegean. Mytilene, the capital of Lesbos, is really the jewel of the island. In fact, it is so greatly important for the island, that many are confused and refer to the whole of Lesbos under the name "Mytilene". Lesbos, with its capital, Mytilene, is the third largest island in Greece and will enchant you with its rare natural beauty. The birthplace of Sappho and Alcaeus, the painter Theophilos, as well as the novelist Stratis Myrivilis, Lesbos, apart from its rich and heavy artistic heritage, is also famous for its ouzo. Wander around Mytilene, locate one of the many taverns of the city, sit back and enjoy traditional ouzo with delicacies that will delight you! Mytilene is a place out of a painting - built amphitheatrically, among seven beautiful, verdant hills that end up in its natural harbor, the city consists of old neighborhoods and picturesque suburbs, while its neoclassical buildings and archaeological monuments bear witness to the rich heritage of the island. Wonderful mansions, stone houses and impressive churches complete the picturesque scenery of the city, while many cafes and taverns are located along the waterfront with stunning sea views and delicious dishes from the local cuisine of Lesbos. Apart from its historical aspect, Mytilene is considered a perfect choice for relaxing holidays, both for couples and families with children. The "heart" of Mytilene, its historic center, is ready to offer you numerous options for food and entertainment, so that you can get to know the place better through the eyes of the locals. And of course, we can't help but talk about the wonderful pristine beaches of the island, with their crystal clear blue waters, which will give you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Medieval Castle

The Medieval Castle of Mytilene is built around a hill, near the port. This castle is one of the strongest and largest castles in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is believed that the Byzantines were the first to build its walls on the site of the ancient citadel, for which we have no indication today. Its construction began in the 5th century to protect the island for the pirates who ravaged the Mediterranean. Many reforms took place in the 14th century, under the rule of the Genoese Gattilusio family. Then, Lesbos was conquered by the Turks, as well as the Medieval Castle of Mytilene. The Turks also made many reconstructions and the most important was that of 1677. Relics of the ancient, medieval and Ottoman period have been found on the inner walls of the Castle. Today, the Medieval Castle of Mytilene hosts many cultural events.


Ouzo is a drink similar to raki and is distilled from the peels and parts of grapes that are left over from the creation of wine. Its story begins in the Ottoman period, when the prophet Muhammad had prevented the faithful from drinking alcohol, but had not taken into account the distillates. The history of ouzo is not so old and seems to have begun in the mid-19th century, along with the independence of Greece. It differs from raki in that it is made from ethyl alcohol and is usually flavored with anise and other herbs. Greece has succeeded in establishing ouzo in the EU as a product manufactured exclusively in Greece and Cyprus. Mytilene and the label Plomari secured the name PGI (protected geographical indication) separately. Today bottled ouzo is made all over Greece, with the ouzo of Lesbos being champions in quantity, quality and reputation. The island has 17 distilleries, producing first-class ouzo covering 50% of Greek production.


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