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Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese and is surrounded by small, harsh rocky islets, other uninhabited and others, such as Pserimos and Telendos, with few houses, rooms to let, unique restaurants but - above all - wonderful nature and enchanting landscapes. But what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kalymnos? Of course the sponges! The tradition that the island has in sponge fishing goes back many years and, although the sponge divers of those times no longer exist, Kalymnos has remained known as "the island of sponge divers". Kalymnos is a rocky island, with rough scenery, hills and mountains, ideal for climbing. It is considered one of the top climbing destinations in Europe, with many climbing clubs established on the island. In addition, every year it hosts the International Climbing Festival, attracting climbers from all over the world. Of course, every climb must end with a dip in the sea. And in that part, Kalymnos will satisfy you. Masouri, Myrties, Panormos, Kantouni and Linaria are just some of the beaches, which with their blue waters will give you unique moments of relaxation. And for a sea experience with a spin, try Platys Gialos, with its black volcanic sand. Apart from swimming, the seas of Kalymnos offer the perfect scenery for diving - sponges, sea anemones, octopus, starfish, fishes and other magical creatures of the sea open their home and invite you to admire them! And in terms of food, Kalymnos will surely amaze you! There are many taverns on the island and so many delicacies waiting to be tasted! Whether you prefer seafood or meat, the menu is for all tastes, with local dishes that will delight you and make you feel the taste of the whole island in a single bite!


Vathy is located in the middle of an arid and mountainous location, 13 km northeast of Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos. The valley of Vathy is a truly green oasis within the barren land that surrounds it. Its magnificent houses stand on the slopes of two hills while a small part of the settlement stretches in a verdant valley that extends to the natural bay. The bay of Vathy is so narrow that it is characterized as a Greek, island fjord! There you will see a picturesque port full of fishing boats and tourist boats that make daily trips to some of the most interesting sights of Kalymnos. You will also find many fish taverns, where you will enjoy the delicacies of Kalymnos.


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