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Welcome to the enchanting Chania, one of the most attractive cities in Crete. There is evidence that Chania has always been among the most popular destinations in Greece. Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, all of them passed through Chania and settled in the area at some point, creating the culturally diverse Cretan corner that we enjoy today, the rightfully called "diamond" of Crete. Start your exploration of Chania in the atmospheric Old Town, discovering its secret in every step you make, from the lighthouse in the port to Koum Kapi at Miaouli beach. Wander around the artistocratic suburb of Chalepa, which is full of 19th-century houses that once hosted the consular offices of the Great European Powers, making you feel like you have travelled back in time! Afterwards, spend your evening at Kastelli hill and enjoy the sunset gracing the old city with a unique evening charm. Taste the local cuisine of Crete - only then you will truly understand why Cretan cuisine is internationally acclaimed! In the fish taverns, raki restaurants and historical coffeehouses, the cuisine of Crete will definitely win you over. Visit villages full of local traditions, enjoy a day of hiking in the 16-kilometer-long Samaria gorge, ultimately arriving at Agia Roumeli, where you will be rewarded with a refreshing swim. If you are looking for even more moments of relaxation, choose the beautiful pristine beaches of Chania. Their crystal blue waters are almost like something out of a postcard from an exotic island. So, what are you waiting for? From the spectacular Old Town to the exotic Balos beach and the famous Samaria Gorge, Chania will become the venue for a series of unforgettable advdentues... accompanied by homemade raki!

Old Venetian Harbor

The Old Venetian Harbor of Chania is regarded as one of the most important historical monuments of Crete. It was built between 1320 and 1356 A.D. by the Venetians during the period of their rule over Crete, and was considered to be one of the major trade centers in the Mediterranean sea, as well as the city's main protection against pirates. Nowadays, it serves as a landmark of the city of Chania, and a much-photographed site that is surrounded by an air of magic. The Old Venetian Harbor is full of coffeehouses, taverns serving local delicacies, bar, bakeries and art stores, along with monuments referring to various historical periods. It will become evident that the Old Venetian Harbor features a balanced combination of Cretan, Ottoman, and Venetian elements, along with beautiful narrow alleys throughout the Old Town and amazing architecture.


It is unimaginable to go to Crete, visit one of its restaurants, and see that dakos is not listed on the menu. It is perhaps one of the most traditional dishes of the islands, found in any corner of Crete: from luxury restaurants, in its more gourmet version, to traditional small tavers, which serve the classic traditional form of dakos. Its ingredients are the famous Cretan barley rusk, the "Kritharokoulouro", and ground tomato, which falls like a veil on the rusk and imbues it with its fresh juice and vivid aromas. The dish is topped with feta or mizithra cheese.


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