Sunset Moments Director

We are announcing this job opening* in Greece, while not asking you to leave your current job position (Weird? Or maybe cool!). We give you the opportunity to take advantage of remote working and work from anywhere within Greece. Whether you’re looking for a warmer experience, or simply you are a lover of travelling while working in beautiful places, this job is for you!

*Part of promotional activation. This is not a real job opening.


At SKY express, we are seeking for individuals that could work from anywhere, while enjoying the milder Greek weather and capturing the endless sunset views.

So apparently, to make Greece their home for this season.

lucky seat


• Opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful countries.
• Direct, daily flights from your city to Athens, Greece.
• Competitive air ticket fares, all year round, to the greatest network of Greek destinations.
• Access to 32 Greek destinations via Athens daily, in order to discover the perfect place to be.
• An informal, sunny, and inspiring workplace environment wherever you choose to spend this season in Greece.
• Complimentary hand luggage and personal item allowance in every flight, every fare category.
• Personalized flying experience with additional extra services per flight, no matter the booked fare.
• Enhanced flying experience with one of the youngest, low carbon-emitting fleet in Europe.

lucky seat

Ready to board in?

• Completing tasks as you already do in your workday.

• Working remotely but also closely with your partners.

• Spending endless moments watching the sun positions.

• Scouting the best sunset viewpoints in the country.

• Setting up a photoshoot wherever possible: in the mountains, in the woods, in the cities.

• Handling calls, emails and Instagram notifications from your colleagues and friends, saying how your latest sunset content stands out.


Grab the opportunity and proceed with your application completion as it comes with a promo code!
*Part of a promotional activation. These are not real job openings.