Two years later, strengthens even more its presence in Cyprus!

Two years later, strengthens even more its presence in Cyprus!

Comunicazione4 apr 2023

“Cyprus”: the name of the new aircraft which receipt coincided with the celebration of the company’s two years completion in Cyprus.

In the scope of the event that took place in Nicosia, SKY express supported by Hermes Airports, celebrated two years of continuous presence in Cyprus. Two years ago, the company opted for Cyprus as its first international destination, and since then connects the island with Greece and the world on a daily basis with quality and consistency. As SKY express welcomed its first AIRBUS A321neo the day of the event, Mr. Ioannis Grylos, Founder & Chairman of IOGR Group, a member of which is also SKY express, announced to the event participants that the new aircraft’s name will be “Cyprus”.

The event was honored by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Kostas Koumis as well as Mr. Yiannis Nikolaidis, Αcting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.

During the pandemic, SKY express was the only company to continue its day to day operations to all its destinations. At the event, SKY express presented the main 2021 figures, following a successful course, which also added value to the International Airport of Larnaca.

During the past two years, SKY express ranked to the second position at Larnaca Airport,** with a 16% market share, having transferred a total of 411.000 passengers.**

More specifically:

  • 3 flights from Athens every day, throughout the year – 4.000 flights within two years
  • 390.000 passengers from /to Athens
  • 230 flights from / to Thessaloniki, 21.000 passengers It is worth mentioning that in 2023 SKY express is expected to transfer 320.000 passengers from / to Athens and Thessaloniki.

SKY express with its annual presence, brings more connection choices to the passengers, more itineraries and quality services, contributing at the same time to the creation of viable competition and competitive fares. By choosing Cyprus as its first international destination, SKY express proves its determination to a long term investment in the island’s perspective. In this frame, Skyserv, a company member of the IOGR Group which provides handling services also operates in the International Airport of Larnaca. Its presence was significant during last summer’s crisis in the EU airports. IOGR Group employs in total more than 300 employees in Larnaca and Paphos. By strengthening connectivity with Cyprus, SKY express gives an additional boost to Cyprus’ touristic product, and supports the business sector and the economy of Cyprus overall.

2022 was a unique year for SKY express:

  • Total flights in 2022 were increased by 50%, coming to more than 49.000, covering 34 domestic and 24 international destinations.
  • Passengers tripled, reaching 3,500,000, reflecting the addition into the fleet of two AIRBUS A320neo.
  • In 2022 the company’s total revenue reached €262 million, driven by higher growth in international flights.
  • Average load factor improved by 20 percentage points during 2022, demonstrating the dynamic of the company's commercial proposal, its operational efficiency, but also contributing to the return of tourist traffic close to 2019 levels.
  • It emerged as the European company with the largest increase of flights, according to Eurocontrol.
  • It is the only Greek airline that has become an international case study Google. The use of the most advanced tools (travel insights), ranked SKY express in the top three European airlines that increased their online traffic compared to 2019.

It is worth noting that, with the addition to its fleet of its first two AIRBUS A321neo in 2023, SKY express will continue to have the newest, greener fleet in Greece and one of the most environmentally friendly in Europe. A fleet that respects the Cypriot sky and contributes to the protection of the natural wealth of the country: less CO2, 50% lower noise footprint, 25% smaller fuel consumption.

As Mr. Gerasimos Skaltsas, Chief Commercial Officer of SKY express, emphasizes: "In the midst of the crisis, SKY express brought a new era to the island’s airline services. Today, two years later, we are strengthening our presence even more in Cyprus. We work to ensure that SKY express continues to lead growth in the aviation sector supporting the Cypriot economy and society with new ideas, services, products and qualified personnel. The response of the Cypriot passenger motivates us. Moreover, should thank the more than 100 travel agencies we have worked with in 2022, our important and strategic partners. Our intention is to always be by their side. For this reason, our cooperation is based on the flexible commercial policy of our company, which is reinforced at regular intervals with seasonal offers, which we implement systematically in Cyprus with high levels of success and acceptance. Everyone's trust is our strength. We will continue together!".

Mrs. Eleni Kalogirou, Hermes Airports Managing Director stated: "At Hermes we have as a strategic priority the development of connectivity, both by attracting new airlines, and by adding or increasing routes of the existing ones. This fact is proved by our 15-year journey. We look forward to a close cooperation with SKY Express in the following years, so that, together, we can further develop the connectivity of Cyprus with other destinations besides Greece".