New routes and direct flights in our Winter Schedule

New routes and direct flights in our Winter Schedule

Comunicazione2 feb 2022
New international routes, maintaining the regular domestic flights, direct connections, 12 new state-of-the-art aircraft and quality services strengthen the position of SKY express in the preferences of the passenger public.

The new season begins and the company that changes the landscape in aviation, welcomes the full of prospects for the country winter season with an upgraded flight schedule. With the addition of the Airbus A320neo (6 of them) and ATR 72-600 (6 of them), SKY express covers 39 destinations in 6 countries, while expanding its network to existing and new markets.

The youngest and greenest fleet in the country and one of the most environmentally friendly ones in Europe, will operate a total of 817 flights a week to 34 destinations inland and 5 abroad from the company's headquarters in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaca. And this always providing quality services to the most competitive fares.

New international routes

Already, flying to London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Larnaca, the new route that connects Thessaloniki directly with Larnaca has been added. This proves the strategic importance of Cyprus in the company’s planning, since it has now added two direct connections from / to Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki).

Maintenance and upgrade of domestic flights

SKY express flight operations continue dynamically during the winter months inland, where it already provides the largest network of destinations in the country (34). This proves the company's commitment to serving even the most remote parts of the country, from Crete to Alexandroupolis and from Corfu to Ikaria.

Especially the maintenance of mobility in destinations that have always attracted tourist interest, such as the cosmopolitan Mykonos and the large islands of the Dodecanese, increase the options provided to travelers throughout the year.

New services and privileges

Travelers have the option of choosing fares between SKY joy, SKY joy + and SKY enjoy, but also the addition of services such as entry to the Lounges of Athens, Thessaloniki, Larnaca, Brussels, London, Paris, Rome and use of the Fast Lane at the respective airports.

At the same time, in international flights, the passenger public enjoys a special in-flight travel experience with free service, but also the proposals of the new Drinks & Bites service with premium branded products. Oriented to the continuous development of its network and the provision of easy access and options to more and more travelers throughout the year, SKY express is the ideal choice for the winter season.