Eine Zeit europäischer Reiseziele!

Eine Zeit europäischer Reiseziele!


March 2022 marks a year since SKY express opened its wings for Europe starting in Cyprus, creating yet another international air network for Greece and connecting tens of thousands of passengers to top European destinations.

Implementing its ambitious business plan, the airline of the new era, after the largest flight network in Greece, opened routes to the most popular destinations abroad.

In 2022, SKY Express was welcomed by Brussels, Paris, London, Rome and Larnaca, Nantes, Lyon, Lille, Hamburg, Dortmund and Amsterdam.

The decision was vindicated by the dynamic international course of the company, but also by the impressive response of passengers from the first year who create the appropriate conditions for dynamic expansion of the flight schedule in view of the summer period.

Now, passengers have more options and routes at competitive prices, while the strengthening of the interconnectivity of the country, positively affects tourism and entrepreneurship in difficult times. And all this by providing quality services with the youngest fleet in Greece and one of the most environmentally friendly fleets in Europe.

The spectacular course of SKY express was recently recognized by international bodies with its election to the Board of the ΕRA (European Regions Airline Association), one of the strongest Associations that promotes the positions of the aviation industry in the European institutions.

As Mr.Ioannis Grylos, Head of SKY express, points out: “SKY express developed, grew stronger, spread its wings. We are proud that for a year now our planes have connected our country with five top European destinations but also for the passengers' response, which for us is the greatest reward. That is how we are going to keep moving forward. At SKY express we fly higher and further every day!”