Enjoy your favorite newspapers, magazines or books before, during or after your trip, thanks to our new SKY eJournals service.

What it is

Sky eJournals

Sky Express has joined forces with ReadPoint in order to give you the opportunity to keep yourself entertained during your journey with us, irrespective of your destination.
Acquaint yourself with the exciting features of e-reading through an easily accessible and user-friendly infotainment platform, exclusively offered to our passengers.
Simply download the ReadPoint app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and choose the publications that interest you among thousands of available titles. 
Extra bonus: a free lifelong subscription to our inflight magazine, FLY, so that you may explore Greece and its hidden treasures by flipping through its pages.

How to set it up

  • Access the website here
  • Download and launch the ReadPoint app
  • Select your publication & pay for it
  • Enjoy reading it on your device on the go!

Your favorite publications just one click away!