Summer in-flight surprises!

Summer in-flight surprises!

Aug 5, 2022

Buckle up! A summer in-flight surprise awaits. Get ready to receive amazing @carrotenofficial gifts that will make SPF your new BFF. But our The Surprises keep on coming. We are not only giving Carroten sunscreens, but also the chance to claim a trip. Because we are SKY, we are young and we are here to offer you only the best experiences.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The Event "SKY express ft Carroten" (hereinafter "the Event") is organized by the company "KRITIKES AEROPORIKES EKMETALLEUSEIS AEROPORIKI KAI KE EMPORIKI ANONIMI ETAIREIA", with the distinctive title "SKY EXPRESS SA", (hereinafter "the Organizer") which will award the Prizes of the Lottery, as defined in article 5 and in accordance with these conditions of participation in the lottery.

  2. Duration:
    The Event’s duration begins on August 6th, 2022, at 00:01 and ends on August 9th, 2022, at 23:59.

  3. Participation Right:
    Passengers of the Organizer who board pursuant to a valid air ticket purchase transaction of the Organizer are entitled to participate in the Event, cumulatively meeting the following conditions (hereinafter the "Participants"):
    1. They are adults (over 18) and have full legal capacity.
    2. They are passengers on flights included in the "SKY express ft Carroten" event as listed in Appendix A hereof.
    3. They meet the essential and formal requirements required by Law with regard to the ability to travel by air, meet the conditions of the Organizer's air fare, as well as accept the Organizer's policies, which be posted on the Organizer’s website (
    4. In order to participate in the Competition, the User is required to have an active public, personal account on Instagram, accepting all the terms of use of Instagram. It is clarified that Instagram is not associated with, manages, promotes or enhances the Competition in any way.

      Employees of the Organizer or of companies of the group of companies, to which the Organizer belongs, as well as their first and second degree relatives, are not entitled to the right to participate in the Event.

  4. Participation Procedure:
    During the period of validity of the Event for each flight of the Organizer to the destinations listed in Appendix A, a lottery will be held (hereinafter "the Lottery") for the distribution of the Prize, as defined in paragraph 5 hereof. All passengers will be able to participate in the Event with the following method: Each passenger needs to post on his personal Instagram account a photo of the Carroten prize he /she will have received during the flight from inside the participating aircraft. The post must be made as an "Instagram Story" and mention the accounts "@skyexpressgreece" and "@carrotenofficial". By publishing the "Instagram Story", SKY express reshares and participation takes place automatically if the conditions are met. Each user profile can only participate once (1) in the competition. The first post of the participant is considered a valid entry and subsequent posts will not be taken into account. It is clarified that participation in the Lottery depends on the date of boarding and is not linked to the date of purchase of the ticket by the passenger.

    Only passengers who meet the above criteria may participate in the Lottery, and one of those passengers will be randomly selected through an online application as a winner (hereinafter "the Winner"), being awarded with a round-trip air ticket for 2 passengers. Passengers' participation in the Lottery, in accordance with the provisions of condition 6 hereof, is automatic and does not require any additional action by the participant, except for the valid purchase of the Organizer's air ticket and the boarding of the passenger on the flight corresponding to the Lottery.

  5. Prizes:
    The lottery prize is as follows:
    One (1) ticket for use in Greece with SKY express for two (2) passengers for the period 10/10/2022 until 10/04/2023 (with the exception of the following periods):
    • 28-30/10/2022
    • 22/12/2022-06/01/2023
    • 25-27/02/2023

    The following are clarified:
    • Regarding the Prize, i.e. "(1) ticket for use in Greece with SKY express ", the free purchase of a round-trip ticket by the Winner on SKY express domestic flights shall only apply to scheduled flights and only according to availability. It is recommended that the Winner of said Prize arrange immediately and in any case within one month of being selected as a Lottery Winner the free reservation of his / her ticket as the Organizer cannot guarantee the availability of a seat on a flight of interest of the Winner. Redemption of the Prize "(1) ticket for use in Greece with SKY express " shall take place by sending a personal message to the official SKY express Instagram page.
    • Air tickets include fares and airport taxes and regard the “SKY enjoy” fare type.
    • Prizes are personal, non-transferable and may not be exchanged for money. In case of refusal to accept or failure to collect the Prize of the Lottery by a Winner within one month of the Lottery, the Organizer bears no responsibility for the return of the Prize to the Winner.
    • The Organizer bears absolutely no responsibility for any real or legal defect of the Prize of the Lottery and for any damage or harm caused to each Winner during the provision of services related in any way to the above Prize won or during the use of it said Prize. The Organizer bears no responsibility for any cancellations, delays, accidents, bodily harm, theft or any damage to the winners during their trip or for events that constitute force majeure (such as indicatively: strikes, bad weather conditions, riots, measures of public health and safety, terrorist attacks, etc.).

  6. Lottery Procedure:
    The Lottery shall take place electronically at the offices of SKY express, after the end of the Competition date. The Lottery will be carried out using an automated system and specially designed software, which ensures the integrity of the Lottery process and the absence of human intervention. The result of the Lottery will be announced by the participating companies (SKY express & Carroten) on the social media accounts of both companies.

    Once the lottery has been completed, SKY express shall send the "Winner" a personal message on his / her personal Instagram page with the details of the prize, the company's contact details and any other information the "Winner" may require regarding the "Prize".

  7. Within the framework of the specific Event, the Organizer, acting as the Processor, collects, maintains and processes the personal data of the Participants, and specifically their identification and contact details, to the extent that this is necessary within the framework of the Event for purposes that are exclusively related to its processing. The Organizer takes all the necessary measures and takes care of the legitimate and legal collection and processing of personal data, as well as their safe keeping in accordance with the provisions of the General Personal Data Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), Law 4624/ 2019 and more specific regulatory framework of its application, preserving the privacy and confidentiality of any information that comes to its knowledge.

  8. Participants have the right to access their personal data, the right to request the correction of any inaccurate personal data or their completion, as well as, if the conditions of the regulatory framework are met, to exercise the rights: deletion, restriction of processing, portability of their data, objection to their processing, as well as ensuring human intervention in automated procedures. In order to exercise the above rights, participants may submit their request in writing to the Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by physical or electronic mail (). In the event that they consider that the protection of their personal data may be affected, the participants may appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority.

  9. The present conditions of participation in the Event have been posted on the website of the organizer

  10. For any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or application of these conditions, Greek Law is applicable and the Courts of Athens in Greece are defined as the competent courts.

  11. The Organizer reserves the right to limit or extend the duration of the Event as well as to change these conditions or to revoke or cancel or postpone the Lotteries, followed by a relevant announcement on the website

  12. Participation in the Event presupposes and entails the unconditional acceptance of the above conditions.

  13. The period during which the winner may travel is 10/10/2022 to 10/04/2023 (with the exception of the following periods):
    • 28-30/10/2022
    • 22/12/2022-06/01/2023
    • 25-27/02/2023

Appendix A
Paris-Heraklion August 6
Athens Chania August 6
Paris-Heraklion August 9
Athens-Rhodes August 7
Athens-Chania August 9


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