New Interline Agreement with Cyprus Airways

New Interline Agreement with Cyprus Airways

Sky Express has officially signed an interline agreement with Cyprus Airways, thus strengthening their commercial cooperation between Cyprus and the Greek islands.  This will allow passengers’ easier connections between the Cyprus-based airline’s destinations and Greece and thus passengers can enjoy more travel opportunities, owing to this partnership with Sky Express.

More specifically, Cyprus Airways passengers can now continue their journey from Larnaca to Athens or Thessaloniki to 29 airports in Greece and Greek islands with Sky Express flights. This new agreement allows air passengers to travel across Sky Express’ network with the convenience of a single ticket reservation, connecting Larnaca via Athens or Thessaloniki with 29 domestic destinations operated by Sky Express. Passengers can book their round trip only via Cyprus Airways collaborating agents.

Namely, destinations on continuation from Athens to Astypalea, Santorini, Syros, Mykonos, Heraklion, Zakynthos, Paros, Karpathos, Ikaria, Kithira, Skiathos, Chios, Milos, Naxos, Corfu, Kos, Kefalonia, Alexandroupoli, Mytilene, Samos, Lemnos, Ioannina, Chania, Kalymnos. Destinations on continuation from Thessaloniki to Corfu, Chios, Samos, Mytilene, Skyros.

Commercial Manager of Sky Express Mr. Yannis Lidakis stated: “The new interline agreement with Cyprus Airways is a key factor for continued aviation growth, not only maximizing the benefits of air transport, but also taking advantage of our expanded route network. Fostering collaborations with strategic airlines such as Cyprus Airways is of paramount importance, not only for the Greek economy but also for its contribution to sustainable tourism development. For this reason, Sky Express has incorporated Interline Agreements into its strategic objectives, early on its first day of operations”.

“We consider our partnership with Sky Express a landmark for Cyprus Airways’ strategy to diversify our services with the aim of offering our passengers more travel opportunities. What makes this specific collaboration important is the fact that we successfully connect Cyprus with 29 more airports in Greece and the Greek Islands through Athens and Thessaloniki with a single, convenient one-stop-shop experience” stated Natalia Popova, Chief Commercial Officer of Cyprus Airways.

Sky Express, is the fastest growing airline in Greece today and has the largest domestic network, operating more than 30,000 flights each year, serving 32 destinations across the country. The company continues its growth path, expanding its network and fleet, and increase passenger traffic by substantially enhancing the local communities, the tourism sector, as well as the country’s economy.