And the winner is… Sky Express!

And the winner is… Sky Express!

Sky Express has won two more major awards for the 3rd consecutive year, thus showcasing its growth and steady upward trend in aviation.

More specifically, participating once again in the 19th Airline Marketing Workshop” by AIA Marketing, Sky Express has been awarded the 1st “Best of the Top 10 Performance award as well as the 1stFastest Growing Airline – Domestic award”.

Mr. Theodoros Krokidas, CEO and President of Sky Express along with Mr. Giannis Lidakis, Commercial Director, accepted both awards on stage. “We are deeply grateful to all the event organization, all the dedicated employees in Sky Express and of course, all our passengers for their valuable support in the company’s efforts all those years”, Mr. Krokidas quipped.

Sky Express has the largest domestic network, operating more than 30,000 flights per year, serving 32 destinations across the country. The sole aim of the company is to continue to be the passengers preferred choice who, in 2018, have exceeded 1 million.