What is the ‘Feel Free’ service?

It is an optional, add-on service that the passenger may purchase online (on www.skyexpress.gr) and offline (via our Call Center) during the ticket booking process, and which is designed to offer him/her peace of mind when confronted with unexpected events or reasons to require a ticket rebooking.

Who is eligible to buy the ‘Feel Free’ service?

Anyone who makes a ticket reservation on www.skyexpress.gr or via our Call Center at 801 11 28 288 or +30 215 215 6510.

For which flights is the ‘Feel Free’ service applicable?

Only for flights operated by Sky Express.
*Note: the service is still available in the new era, with an €8 charge, effective 21.06.2020.

What is the charge of the ‘Feel Free’ service?

It is a flat fee of €8 per travel segment, per passenger.

How can I book the ‘Feel Free’ service?

The service will be displayed as a supplementary option in the extra services step of the online booking process. It may also be requested when reserving a ticket through our Call Center. Please note that it will not be available for purchase 6 hours prior to the original departing time.

How can I rebook my ticket, using the ‘Feel Free’ service?

Once you have purchased the service, you may exercise your right to rebook (OR redeem it) free-of-charge by contacting our Call Center at 801 11 28 288 or at 215215 6510

Are there any additional charges for the rebooking?

You might be charged with a fare difference, if it arises, as usual.

Does the ‘Feel Free’ service cover ticket cancelation?

No, ticket cancelations fall under the rules of the fare that you have booked.

Is the ‘Feel Free’ service refundable?

No, it is not.

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