A fertile, rich and self-sufficient place, Samos has been an important financial center of the Aegean in ancient times, but also a beacon of civilizations: the island of Pythagoras, with its rocky mountains and fertile plains, is today a magnet for archaeological tourism, while its proximity to Asia Minor lends Samos an air of cosmopolitanism, reflected in sophisticated cafes and bars of picturesque seaside villages such as Pythagorion, or Kokkari. Elegant mansions and decommissioned tobacco factories weave a veil of atmospheric nostalgia around Vathi, the island’s capital, while major monuments such as the Euphalinos Tunnel and the Heraion, as well as naturalistic destinations such as the waterfall at Potami and the verdant creek at Aidoni give you the chance to enjoy walks on the third largest island of the Dodecanese.


Eupalinos Tunnel

A technological miracle of its time, the ancient aqueduct of Samos was built in the 6th century BC. century with techniques not approached smoothly by even today’s engineers: more than a thousand meters long, the tunnel was dug 80 meters deep from both sides of the mountain so that the waters of the northern part of the island reach the arid south. Work began at the same time on both sides and the crews managed to meet in the heart of the mountain with only 5 meters of divergence.


The largest temple in the history of ancient Greece was this one dedicated to the goddess Hera, who according to Herodotus records featured 155 Ionic columns. Part of the complex was also the stone-paved Holy Street that linked Pythagorion – the capital of the island – to the temple, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Museum of Natural History of the Aegean

Bone fossils dating back to 7 million years, rare rocks and significant specimens of Samos flora and the wider Aegean are on display here at the museum in the village of Mytilinii. Here you will also see the well-known “Wildcat under Glass”, a feline that had reached the island from the Asia Minor coast, which inspired the eponymous novel by Alkis Zeus.


Thousands of opportunities for organized or not swims will be found along the sandy coastline stretching from Pythagorio to Heraion, with magnificent clear waters in Golden Sand and Limionas, while pebbles (and winds) fill the scenery in Kokkati and Tsamadou. Tsampou is the nudist’s favourite, while the island’s most pristine beaches are to the west, accessible almost exclusively by 4X4 or hiking: the Little and the Great Seitan (Natura protected area where the Mediterranean Seal nestles), the Agios Ioannis bay and Plaka are the most typical. Mykali and the shallow waters of Psili Ammos cover family needs, while swimming at Potami Beach, which derives its name from the river that leads to its waters, is a special experience – follow its flow backwards to find yourself in front of a beautiful waterfall, with the cool waters of its natural pool waiting to cool you off from the hiking fatigue.

Samos Wines

Known for their sweet, intoxicating properties, Samos wines are some of the most popular in Greece. They come from the small muscat of the island, which is cultivated on terraces perched in the mountains, at an altitude of up to 900 meters, taking advantage of the slope of the mountainous areas.

Stuffed goat back

One of the most hasslesome – but also one of the most delicious – dishes in Samos cuisine, the goat’s back is filled with the same ingredients used for the Christmas turkey (rice, liver, spices and herbs), whose place holds by right at the Christmas table, as well as other important celebrations and events, such as weddings, christenings, etc.

Summer Yiaprakia

Enriched version of gemista, where tomatoes are accompanied by stuffed zucchini, aubergines, onions, peppers, zucchini and everything else – literally – the vegetable garden may have, yiaprakia are a classic summer meal of the locals, filling with their aroma the picturesque neighbourhoods of the inland.


Useful phone numbers

Police: 2273087315

Airport: 2273087800

KTEL: 2273027262

Radio Taxi: 2273028404

Port Authorities: 2273027318

Hospital: 2273083100

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