Where the beautiful waters of the Ionian Sea are embraced by the Gulf of Amvrakikos, Preveza is the calm force that has been steadily reshaping its image in recent years, reinvigorating its role as a link between Epirus and the Ionian Islands, but also as a junction surrounded by great natural beauty. Its new coastal front, overlooking the Aktio and sailing boats giving the aura of cosmopolitanism, is one of the most charming advantages of a city following the rhythm of its students, while new road networks give it the advantage of being a base for unique destinations such as nearby Lefkada with world-renowned beaches, or the golden shores of Monolithi and Odysseus Bay. It’s no coincidence, then, that her name has recently emerged as one of the top 10 alternative city break destinations of top international publication.


The Castles

Three castles surround Preveza, with Ic Kale leading to the north of the city, built by the Ottomans in the early 18th century to be occupied and redesigned by the Venetians. Yeni Kale, to the south, was built by Ali Pasha in the early 19th century, who also built Outs Kale just outside the city – the latter being the most impressive thanks to the design of a French engineer as it almost floats on sea on a narrow strip of land. It is still alive, hosting cultural events.


Highly interesting archaeological site, with impressive and well-preserved buildings dating back to 30 BC, Nicopolis was built in memory of the victory of Antonios and Cleopatra in the Battle of Aktion and was the economic, political and cultural center of the region for about 12 centuries, before its population moved to the current location of Preveza. Scattered over 1,500 acres – one of the largest archaeological sites in the country – a multitude of monuments impress the visitor, with Byzantine walls, the conservatory, temples and Early Christian basilicas dominating, including the Ancient Theatre of Nikopolis, which hosts during the summer shows and concerts.


Near the Ionian Islands, Lefkada is connected to the Acarnania coast by a floating bridge, making it the only Ionian island to be fully accessible by road – which is why the island, endowed with unique natural beauty, is a favourite escape of Preveza inhabitants, but also other surrounding areas. Just a 45 minute drive separates the visitor from world-renowned beaches such as Kathisma, Porto Katsiki and Egremni, but also important natural reserves such as the Bee’s Canyon and spectacular views such as the balcony of Exanthia from which dozens of visitors enjoy the sun setting into the vast horizon of the Adriatic.

Shrimps and Botargo

One of Greece’s most important wetlands, Amvrakikos forms in its northern part a series of lagoons that blesses the locals with great seafood delicacies. Among other fish go around or farmed in the region (Sea bream, Flounder, Sea bass, European bullhead) Grey Mullet is the most frequent visitor, with its female, caught not only for its flesh but also its roe, which salted and dried for the production of nutritious avgotaraho (botargo). At the same time, the region is famous for catching Ambracian shrimp, with its long antennas, the stripes on its back, the size of more than 10 cm and of course the irresistible taste that made them James Bond favourites in the 1981 film, “For your Eyes Only”.


Useful phone numbers

Police: 2682089541

Airport: 2682026113

KTEL: 2682022213

Radio Taxi: 2682028030

Hospital: 2682361390

few clouds
humidity: 69%
wind: 7m/s WSW
H 26 • L 25
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