Identified by the distinctive rhythms and warm temperament of its inhabitants, the island of Ikaros and Dionysus is the ideal destination for a change of pace: it is full of idyllic impressive gorges, rivers and torrents, ready to absorb whatever stress you bring with you, while the island’s monumental festivals (about fifty, almost as many as the villages) will reshape your notions of fun and bacchanal, but also … your aerobic endurance with the rousing Ikariotikos dance. And if you feel that the nights out with the restless villagers and their abundant “Pramnio Wine” are about to exhaust you, take advantage of the scattered thermal hot springs of the island to recharge your batteries before dancing again!



Walk through the picturesque alleys of Agios Kirikos, the capital and main port of the island and enjoy the elegant stone mansions and the unique architectural style of the tiled houses. In Evdilos, the second port of the island, you will find even more opportunities for stops at funky cafes and cute bars, while Armenistis, the touristiest part of the village, will attract you with its famous beach. The fishing village of Gialiskari is particularly picturesque, while Therma, near Agios Kirikos, is the most famous spa town on the island, with hot springs known since ancient times for their healing potential. In the same area you will find the area of Faros and Cape Drakano, where the archaeological interest peaks with the ruins of the ancient Acropolis and the homonymous tower.

Christ of Raches

When you find yourself surrounded by the verdant, idyllic landscape surrounding the beautiful settlement of Christ Rachon, you will feel where the Icarians’ special relationship with the meaning of time comes from: according to village tradition, no one works during daytime. So relax, let your eyes soak up the green of the dense pine forest and get lost in the depths of the endless blue horizon. Walk the cobbled streets and visit the churches, enjoy the journey to the Evangelistria Monastery, which has been there since the 15th century, and return to the village when the sun begins to set, to see shops open their doors late, and greet you with local flavours, aromas and stories.


For the locals, the most beautiful beach of the island is the windless creek of Iero, with the calm turquoise waters. Anefanti, with its caves and rocks, is the favourite beach of spearfishermen , Armenistis is a natural anxiolytic, while Livadi is a summer pilgrimage to such a massive degree that anyone who reaches the beach at noon may not find a spot not even for his flip flop. Surfers honour the beach of Mesakti with easy access and steady winds, of particular beauty is the emerald beach of Na at the mouth of a river, and from here you will find the trail leading to the Halari waterfall lake. Postcard-like waters are those of Seychelles Beach, while ideal for sea exploration is the scenery at Fanari, the island’s longest beach with the shade of the tamarisk trees along it.

Pramneios Wine

The elixir of the Ikaria festivals, the Pramneios wine is rumoured to have been inherited to the Ikarians by the god Dionysus himself, who was born on this island. Black and red dry wine, the Ikaria wine naturally reaches alcohol levels above 16, which makes it particularly… effective, as proven by its wide use at the island’s festivals.

Local Honey

Known to the locals as “Anama”, Ikaria honey is one of the best quality in Greece, with its particularity being the extremely thick texture. Produced from the wild heather, a short, lush and evergreen shrub, and has gained an international reputation thanks to its very high nutritional value.

Boiled or roasted wild goat

The most popular feast food, the free-range goat found in the mountainous areas of the island, is deeply rooted in the story of Ikaria, as its tasty, clean meat helped locals survive the difficult years of piracy. Cooked in baking paper is one of the most delicious you can eat in Greece, and in the past its meat was also used for Ikarian pastrami, which is rarely found nowadays.


Useful phone numbers

Police: 2275022222

Airport: 2275022981

Port Authorities: 2275022207

KTEL: 2275350401

General Hospital: 2275022236