With its symbol being one of the country’s most imposing lighthouses, Alexandroupolis is an amalgam of cultures and customs. East and West daily interact in its narrow streets and central markets. An open and extrovert city, with cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants on the beachside, Alexandroupolis reflects its rich and adventurous history on the Armenian Church and the Ethnological Museum of Thrace. Designed by Russians in the 1870s under the name of “Dede-Agach” (“The Grandfather’s Tree”), got its contemporary name in 1920 in honor of King Alexander and thanks to its dynamic tourist infrastructure, it is an ideal base for excursions in the Evros Delta and Dadia Forest which compose natural biodiversity museums.


The Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli

The city’s point of reference and na, the Lighthouse is located in the center of Alexandroupolis, next to the port and on the city’s coastal road. It was constructed by the French Lighthouse and Cresset Company in agreement with the Turkish government, to facilitate entry and exit to Dardanelles (formerly Hellespont). The lighthouse building is 27 meters high and it is one of the few supervised lighthouses left today by the Lighthouse Service.

Dadia Forest

A protected area of ​​rare natural beauty and a habitat for three of Europe’s four species of vultures, it is a favourite destination for international birdwatchers, with access being permitted only at specific times of the day due to its delicate biological balance. The easiest to watch rare predators, but also to get acquainted with the Dadia ecosystem, is to take part in the guided tours of the Ecotourism Center (tel. 2554032209). The tour takes one hour, while hiking to the observatory will take 2-3 hours.

Evros Delta

Lagoons, swamps, sand dunes and islets compose the living and ever-evolving ecosystem of the Evros Delta. The relaxing boat tours offer the opportunity to observe wild ducks, swans, sea eagles dashing out of the dense reeds. A power bank would save the day since taking countless photos of this immensely rich wildlife will test your phones

Lahania and Tsigerosarmas

Teg or veal cooked with cabbage, tomatoes and red hot pepper, Lahania is the best antidote for the cold winter days of Alexandroupolis. Tsigerosarmas, a special delicacy consisting of rice, lamb liver and offals, onions and herbs wrapped in lamb caul fat, is the traditional Easter appetizer for food enthusiasts. Both of them can be found in many city restaurants throughout the year.


Useful phone numbers

Tourist Police: 2551066300

Airport: 2551089314

Port Authority: 2821098888

KTEL: 2551026479

Radio Taxi: 2551033500

General Hospital: 2551353000

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humidity: 73%
wind: 5m/s NNE
H 27 • L 25
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